Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Basic of pumps - part 1 ( Industrial Pumps )

( Industrial Pumps )

Pumps are extraordinary mechanical devices that are used to move liquids or gas from one area of pressure to another area of pressure. Pumps have been in existence since the 3rd century, and are still widely used today. Pumps are used for providing water and heat and even energy!

There are two main types of pumps - dynamic pumps and positive displacement pumps.
Positive displacement pumps are always preferable, because they use sealed chambers to force the liquid or gas through. This helps prevent leakages. Dynamic pumps do not have sealed chambers, but use momentum to push the liquid and gas through. The following list of pumps that we will talk about below consists of both of these types of pumps.

We will discuss some of the basic and most common pumps that are used in the industrial and residential sectors. Most of the time a pump will be made for its specific purpose.
A screw pump is also another name for a positive displacement pump. This pump is one of the most commonly used because is does not form clumps, and it pumps solids whilst keeping a constant speed.

Centrifugal pumps are made to handle large loads. These pumps are most often used for oil and chemical processing. They have a built-in impeller that forces the liquid or gas to move into a rotary motion. This rotary motion creates the pressure.

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( Industrial Pumps )


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